My approach and aesthetic preference is embedded in each image I provide.

A passion for the beauty of imagery and the power of storytelling is what I’m all about.



Tanja van Wijk

It was a remarkable experience to work with Jetske. She lets you reflect on your business and the value of it. It gave me a deeper insight into what I stand for. Due to her grounded and peaceful presence, I felt at ease and comfortable very quickly in front of the camera. She is a good listener, has an eye for detail, and knows how to artistically and stylistically portray your story. As a result, connecting visuals with narrative and creating a beautiful end product.

Tatiana Shevtsova

Jetske is such a professional and has a great sense of aesthetics. I have always been camera-shy... But with Jetske I totally forgot that I was being filmed. She exceeded my expectations. How I wanted my business seen was what really came through in the film.

Monique Smits-Jansen

Jetske has the gift of creating a sense of calm and to create a comfortable and free setting.
Through her communicative, empathic, and creative way of working plus her sense of timing, she has captured my true self.
The portrait session was an amazing experience and a great visual asset for both professional and personal purposes.

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